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I love the park! My favorite ride is the flumes. I love doing spins and cool tricks on them. Sometimes I jam up on the slide and let my friend smack into me. I also like tubin' tornadoes but there's always a huge line. The wavepool is cool but once someone was trying to drown me in there. In Alligator Alley I like falling off because usually when you do the people on your flotiemajig go flying.


Wettest Thrill Rides

Alligator Alley

Hold on for dear life as you attempt to walk across alligators (not real of course). Using the net above, test your balancing skills to walk across floating swamp animals without falling into the water before getting across to the other side. Fun for all ages.

Barefootin Bay

NEW - This new water play structure is packed with interactive features like sprayers, 3 slides and a giant Pineapple tipping bucket to make a super splash below.

Big Surf

Catch a wave in our 25,000 square foot wave pool with 6 different wave patterns that can go up to 6 feet high. The shoreline allows for little ones to get wet without the big waves. Children and non-swimmers should be attended by an adult.

Criss Crossing

Challenge yourself to cross over floating icebergs, fruit and more without falling into the water. Fun for all ages.


The FlowRider double is Rapids’ newest attraction! The continuous, simulated wave system, moves 30,000 gallons of water per minute keeping the waves in one location allowing riders to take turns in the curl riding waves over a fixed surface at 35 mph.

Only body boarding is permitted

Lazy River

Grab a tube and float around the quarter mile lazy river. Journey past water shooting cannons, aquatic mists, a wave channel, fountain islands and through a cascading waterfall. Children and non-swimmers should be attended by an adult.

Splash Hill

So many slides and so many colors! There are a total of 8 to choose from with both open and enclosed slides. Great for all ages.

Splish Splash Lagoon

Young adventurers have an even bigger place to make a splash with three slides, a fort, water shooting cannons, floating swamp animals, a shipwreck and more.