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Our favorite ride is the Tubin Tornados. I can't get them off it, they've been riding it all day. We used to go to Atlantis on Sterling Road, and since it closed, I've been meaning to take the kids to Rapids Water Park. It rained the whole way up, and hasn't rained since we've been here. Great place. Good supervision. Snack bar was decent. Worth the trip.


Biggest Thrill Rides

Big Thunder

You hear the screams from the distance as riders take sharp turns through a dark tunnel before the rumble of a full 45° drop that accelerates the multi-person raft into the immense funnel at a pulse-pounding 20 mph and propelling riders high up the opposite side of the funnel to experience a momentary Zero-Gee experience.

Black Thunder

This ride literally screams excitement when a multi-person raft takes you through twists in turn in total darkness before dropping you into a dark vortex funnel for the ride of your life.

Brain Drain

Get ready for a spine-tingling, heart-pounding, brain-draining vertical plunge. The NEW Brain Drain features two 70-ft. high enclosed flume waterslides. Each slide is uniquely designed with different slide patterns but are simultaneously launched at the same time. Riders enter a launching capsule and stand on a trap door and feel the adrenaline rush as the floor suddenly drops out beneath them and they freefall! Riders will instantly accelerate to top speeds of up to 35 MPH through the near-vertical chute as they plummet straight down before spiraling through a loop.

Raging Rapids

This multi-person raft ride takes you for a loop in an enclosed flume before opening up to a series of breathtaking drops and dips with a super splashdown. All ages can share the excitement.

Rapids Racer

The race is on for fun! This high speed slide features six lanes for racers to ride downhill head-first for a race to the finish line. Riders start off in an enclosed flume that loops before the ride opens and riders continue to race each other to see who had the fastest time on the scoreboard. Fun for all ages. This ride was the first of its kind built in the world and won Best Ride in 2011 by the World Waterpark Association and the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions.

Riptide Raftin

The number one family raft ride in the world sends up to 4 people rocketing through a mammoth 10-ft wide flume of 500 feet of twists, turns and banks of raging white water and three water walls before an incredible splash down.