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Raging Rapids

This multi-person raft ride takes you for a loop in an enclosed flume before opening up to a series of breathtaking drops and dips with a super splashdown.

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Riptide Raftin image 9

Riptide Raftin

The number one family raft ride in the world sends up to 4 people rocketing through a mammoth 10-ft wide flume of 500 feet of twists, turns and banks of raging white water and two water walls before an incredible splash down.

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Tubin Tornadoes

Closed until further notice

Dare to ride out the storm in this totally tubular ride. Grab a tube and travel in the dark at the speed of light with 360 degree loops and thrilling back-to-back turns as you zoom downward through 1,000 feet of tunnel before a cool splash landing. Due to the construction of Mega Mayhem, Tubin Tornadoes will be closed until further notice.

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alligator alley image 2

Alligator Alley

Hold on for dear life as you attempt to walk across alligators (not real of course). Using the net above, test your balancing skills to walk across floating swamp animals…

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barefootin bay image 1

Barefootin Bay

This new water play structure is packed with interactive features like sprayers, 3 slides and a giant Pineapple tipping bucket to make a super splash below.

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Big Surf

Catch a wave in our 25,000 square foot wave pool with 6 different wave patterns that can go up to 6 feet high.

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Criss Crossing image 1

Criss Crossing

Challenge yourself to cross over floating icebergs, fruit and more without falling into the water. Fun for all ages.

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Lazy River

Partial River Open

Grab a noodle and float around the lazy river. Journey past water shooting cannons and aquatic mists. Children and non-swimmers should be attended by an adult.

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splash hill image 1

Splash Hill

So many slides and so many colors! There are a total of 6 slides to choose from with both open and enclosed slides. Great for all ages.

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splish splash lagoon image 8

Splish Splash Lagoon

Young adventurers have an even bigger place to make a splash with three slides, a fort, water shooting cannons, floating swamp animals, a shipwreck and more.

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