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Big Red Image 5

Big Red

A single or double rider, high-energy tube ride that starts out in an enclosed dark chute before entering the bowl at full speed. After multiple high speed spins around the outer perimeter, a gradual deceleration moves riders towards the exit at the bowl’s center.

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Body Blasters

No mats, no tubes – just you! Soar through heart-pounding drops and pulse-racing dips and curves as you blast through 1,000 feet on an enclosed flume.

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Raging Rapids

This multi-person raft ride takes you for a loop in an enclosed flume before opening up to a series of breathtaking drops and dips with a super splashdown.

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Riptide Raftin image 9

Riptide Raftin

The number one family raft ride in the world sends up to 4 people rocketing through a mammoth 10-ft wide flume of 500 feet of twists, turns and banks of raging white water and two water walls before an incredible splash down.

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Tubin Tornadoes

Closed until further notice

Dare to ride out the storm in this totally tubular ride. Grab a tube and travel in the dark at the speed of light with 360 degree loops and thrilling back-to-back turns as you zoom downward through 1,000 feet of tunnel before a cool splash landing. Due to the construction of Mega Mayhem, Tubin Tornadoes will be closed until further notice.

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